NEW! A smarter scope for faster debug

The next-generation PicoScope - PicoScope® 6000E Series

✔ More: 8 analog + 16 digital channels (MSO).
✔ Deeper: Up to 4 GS memory.
✔ Higher: 500 MHz bandwidth in an 8-channel PicoScope.
✔ Smarter: 8/10/12-bit FlexRes® architecture.
✔ Better: Multi-probe holder system.
✔ Most: 21 serial protocol decoders as standard.

The PicoScope 6000E Series fixed‑resolution and FlexRes® oscilloscopes provide 8 to 12 bits of vertical resolution, 500 MHz bandwidth and 5 GS/s sampling rate. Eight analog channels have the timing and amplitude resolution you need to reveal signal integrity issues such as glitches, runts, dropouts, noise, distortion and ringing, and 16 digital MSO channels enable the debug and verification of complex ECUs and FPGA-based designs. These new oscilloscopes are ideal for design engineers working on high performance embedded systems, signal processing, power electronics, mechatronics and automotive designs, and for researchers and scientists working on multichannel high‑performance experiments.

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