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300 kHz to 6 GHz operation,High speed of > 5000 dual-port s-parameters per second,‘Quad RX’ four-receiver architecture for optimal accuracy 118 dB dynamic range at 10 Hz bandwidth,0.005 dB RMS trace noise at bandwidth of 140 kHz,Compact half-rack, lightweight package,PC-controlled over USB using Windows softwareWith all these advantages, the PicoVNA 106 is ideal for field service, installation test and classroom applications. More Details


High resolution of 1 mΩ, Ideal for large earth (ground) systems,

Versatile test modes,

High accuracy for earth (ground) electrode grid and soil resistivity trsts,

Rechargebale battery power that can last all day with a fast recharge (up to 10 Hrs)

Robust instrument with IP65 protection,

Automatic test frequency selection with filters and high current features,



The Autoranging Concept

One of the most important differentiations and USP (unique-selling proposition) of EA laboratory power supplies is the Auto-Ranging output. This flexible output function allows to source a much larger number of EUTs (equipment under test) with differing nominal voltages than comparable conventional laboratory power supplies, More Details