Temperature Measurement Solutions For Any Application

USB Temp & TC Series

Low Cost 8 -Channel Thermocouple / RTD

WEB - DAQ 316

Internet – Enabled Thermocouple

TC - 32

High – Channel Thermocouple

New ADF Series AC Power Sources

Pacific Power Source, a world leader in high-performance AC power sources and power conversion equipment, has released an new line of compact yet high power programmable AC sources.  The new ADF Series of products offers cost-effective, stable and well-regulated AC power conversion from 45Hz to 500Hz with output voltages up to 300Vac on single-phase models and 300VLN and 520VLL on three-phase models. Higher frequency and voltage output options are available if needed.  Output power starts at 15kVA per 4U rack high unit as models 1150ADF and 3150ADF for single or three phase requirements respectively.  Single-phase models are offered up to 45kVA and three-phase models up to 90kVA using a master/slave parallel scheme. These master/slave power source configurations can be ordered for self-installation into a customers’ 19” instrument rack or completed assembled in an off-the shelf 19” Cabinet from the factory.​

Bi - Directional Power Supplies EA - PSB 10000 30kW

On the one hand effective on the other economic to run, such are the demands on modern power electronics. In order to meet the continually increasing needs of the market, EA Elektro-Automatik is presenting its new bidirectional power supply EA-PSB 10000 30kW at the PCIM in Nuremberg. The new product offers more performance in a small space. The energy feedback possibility can dependant on application significantly reduce operating costs.

New 5 GHz PicoScope 9404 - 05

The PicoScope 9404-05 is the first of its kind: a sampler-extended real-time oscilloscope (SXRTO). Its as easy to use as a real-time scope but gives you a choice of real-time or equivalent-time sampling.

  • 5 GHz bandwidth, 70 ps transition time
  • 1 TS/s (1 ps) equivalent-time sampling
  • Four 12-bit 500 MS/s ADCs
  • Pulse, eye and mask testing to 70 ps and 3 Gb/s
  • Logical, configurable, touch-compatible Windows user interface
  • Comprehensive built-in measurements, zooms, data masks and histogram

PicoVNA 6 GHz Vector Network Analyzer

A low-cost, professional-grade 6 GHz VNA for both lab and field use

  • 300 kHz to 6 GHz operation
  • > 5000 dual port S-parameters per second
  • Accurate Quad-RX four-receiver architecture
  • 118 dB dynamic range at 10 Hz bandwidth
  • 0.005 dB RMS trace noise at bandwidth of 140 kHz
  • Compact half-rack, lightweight package
  • PC-controlled over USB from a Microsoft Windows interface
  • Reference plane offsetting and de-embedding
  • Time domain and port impedance transformations
  • Tabular and graphic print and save formats, including
  • Touchstone P1dB, AM to PM, and stand-alone signal generator utilities
  • Fully accessible, guided 8 and 12-term calibration processes
    6 calibration modes, including unknown through and connected DUT isolation
  • Calibration and check standards with data for confident measurements

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