New Regenerative Load TRL Series

Mobile Regenerative Load - TRL Series


The DC Regenerative loads of the TRL series feed the absorbed energy back into the local supply network. They do not require a fixed installation, but can simply be plugged into the wall socket. Because these loads are also very quiet, they are perfect for the developer in the lab.

Modern operation via a brilliant 4.3″ touchscreen gives the user a comfortable smartphone feeling. The TRL series also comes with many data interfaces as standard, only GPIB is optional.

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Combined Operating Modes

In the basic operating modes, a protection value for undervoltage and overcurrent can be set. This allows the combined operating modes CC+CV, CR+CC+CV, CP+CC+CV, CV+CC to be realized.

  • Energy recycling to the local power grid
  • Plugged into the wall socket – no fixed installation required
  • Low heat waste, silent
  • Basic operating modes CC, CV, CR, CP
  • Combined operating modes CC+CV, CR+CC+CV, CP+CC+CV, CV+CC
  • Load and sense terminals front and rear
  • Adjustable protections for current and undervoltage
  • Square, PWM and modulation function
  • List function with synchronized DAQ
  • MPP Tracking
  • Test of energy storage devices
  • Internal resistance measurement function
  • Master-slave operation for parallel connection
  • Data storage directly to USB flash drive
  • Electronic protection
  • I/O port as standard
  • Galvanically isolated I/O port optional
  • Bilingual help system (German/English)
  • Analog setting of I and V with 0 … 5 V or with 0 … 10 V
  • Analog protection setting of I or V with 0 … 10 V
  • Load activation
  • Operating mode selection CC/CV
  • Control speed selection
  • Remote shut-down
  • Readable digital input
  • Trigger input
  • Analog voltage monitoring output 0 … 10 V
  • Analog current monitoring output 0 … 10 V
  • Load input activation status
  • Overload status
  • Programmable logic output
  • Trigger output

Manufacturer: Höcherl & Hackl GmbH

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