New High Current DC Loads SCL Series

Powerful High Current DC Loads from H&H - SCL Series


Electronic loads of the SCL series already load the connected source from 600 mV with maximum load current of up to 1,200 A, the SCL ZV variant even from 0 V. They are therefore ideal for test objects such as fuel cells and other high-current voltage sources. In the compact 19″ housing with only 2U, there are models with different power classes. More Electronic loads > | Dc Power Supplies >

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Operating Modes

Basic Operating Modes
The devices have constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR) and constant power (CP) operating modes.

Combined Operating Modes
In the basic operating modes, a protection value for undervoltage and overcurrent can be set. This allows the combined operating modes CC+CV, CR+CC+CV, CP+CC+CV, CV+CC to be realized.

  • Voltage 12 V or 40 V
  • Currents up to 1,200 A
  • Loading down to min 0.6 V or even to 0 V (SCL ZV) at maximum current
  • User interface with 4.3″ touch screen
  • Basic operating modes CC, CV, CP, CR
  • Combined operating modes CC+CV, CR+CC+CV, CP+CC+CV, CV+CC
  • Adjustable protections for V and I
  • Functions for testing energy storage devices
  • Internal resistance measurement
  • List function with synchronous data acquisition
  • Rectangular, PWM and modulation function
  • MPP tracking
  • Digital master-slave operation for parallel connection
  • Trigger model
  • SCPI programming with measurement functions
  • Digital master-slave operation for power extension
  • RS-232, USB, LAN, CAN, I/O port standard
  • GPIB optional
  • I/O port as standard
  • Isolated I/O port optional
  • Analog monitoring outputs for voltage and current
  • Analog control inputs for control V/I and limit V/I
  • Save settings
  • Electronic protection
  • Bilingual help system (DE, EN)
  • 2 free calibrations (with registration)
  • Analog setting of I and V with 0 … 5 V or with 0 … 10 V
  • Analog protection setting of I or V with 0 … 10 V
  • Load activation
  • Operating mode selection CC/CV
  • Control speed selection
  • Remote shut-down
  • Readable digital input
  • Trigger input
  • Analog voltage monitoring output 0 … 10 V
  • Analog current monitoring output 0 … 10 V
  • Load input activation status
  • Overload status
  • Programmable logic output
  • Trigger output
Data Interfaces:

The following data interfaces are fitted as standard:

Optionally available:
GPIB Interface (option SCL02)

Manufacturer: Höcherl & Hackl GmbH 

SCL Series DC Load

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