LinkIQ – Cable + Network Tester

NEW! - LinkIQ™ Cable + Network Tester


The LinkIQ Network+Cable Tester is designed to provide trusted cable testing along with network testing professionals need to do their jobs. LinkIQ validates cable performance (up to 10 Gig) using frequency-based measurements and provides distance to fault information along with a wire map of the cable under test. The LinkIQ also performs ping tests to verify connectivity and nearest switch diagnostics to identify key network issues and validate switch configuration eliminating the need of using another device. Additional features include, Analog and Digital Toning, Port Blink, Remote Office Locators, and the ability to manage results via LinkWare™ PC. 

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Features: – Cable testing you trust.  Network testing you need.
  • LinkIQ Measures network capacity up to 10 Gig via frequency based measurements
  • Troubleshoot active networks by providing connected switch information (Switch Name, IP Address, MAC Address, Port Number, and VLAN info)
  • Test connectivity to TCP/IP network through IP configuration and ping
  • Verify Gateway and DNS server responsiveness and availability
  • Install and troubleshoot PoE devices via Switch Negotiation and PoE Load test.  Ethernet Alliance Certified for reliable multivendor interoperability.
  • Graphical wiremap and length test to identify common faults that occur with cabling installation
  • Document work through LinkWare™ PC reporting
  • LinkIQ Supports Industrial Ethernet (EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, and others)
  • Industrial Ethernet Kit supports Industrial Connectors (M8D, M12D, M12X)
Additional Features:
  • LinkIQ Language supports for English, German, French, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Portuguese
  • Generates Analog or Digital tones compatible with the IntelliTone™ Probe or Pro3000™ to assist in locating cables in a wall or telecommunications room
  • Blink Port light on switch to help identify the connected switch port
  • Compatible with MicroScanner™ PoE Remote Identifiers for Ethernet outlet identification
  • Touch Sensitive gesture-based display
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Easy Feature and Network Testing Upgrades via USB-C via LinkWare™ PC
  • Charging via standard USB-C port
LinkIQ Network+Cable Tester

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