Digital Multimeters

Fluke 170 Series Digital Multimeters

  • Wide 1000 V measurement range
  • True-rms for precise measurement of non-linear signals
  • Capacitance, resistance, continuity and frequency
  • Built-in thermometer (Fluke 179 only)
  • Backlight for work in dimly lit areas (Fluke 177 and 179 only)
  • Min/Max/Avg to record signal fluctuations
  • Display hold and auto hold
  • Manual and automatic ranging
  • Basic dc accuracy (179/0.09 %, 177/0.09 %, 175/0.15 %)
  • Also available: 177 with true-rms and backlight and 175 with true-rms

Fluke 289 and 287 True-rms Logging Multimeters

  • Low-pass filter for accurate voltage and frequency measurements on adjustable speed motor drives and other electrically noisy equipment (289)
  • Add the wireless data logging capabilities of
  • Fluke ConnectR with Share-Live™ video call with the if3000 FC connector .
  • True-rms ac bandwidth 100 kHz; dBV/dBm; dc mV resolution 1 μV; Megohm range up to 500 MΩ
  • Conductance 50.00 nS Min/Max/Avg/duty cycle/pulse width
  • Isolated optical DMM interface with USB PC connection
  • Over 200 hours logging capacity with new power saving function
  • Lo Ohm capability; Lo Z volts; Lo Pass Filter

Fluke 87V Industrial Multimeters

All inputs are protected to CAT III 1000 V and CAT IV 600 V. They can withstand impulses in excess of 8,000 V to help protect you from arc blast resulting from surges and spikes.

  • Measure 20 A for up to 30 seconds, 10 A continuously
  • Expanded capacitance range to 10,000 μF
  • Peak capture to record transients as fast as 250 μs
  • Measure up to 1000 V ac and dc
  • Auto and manual ranging for maximum flexibility
  • Frequency to 200 kHz and % duty cycle
  • Min/Max/Avg recording to capture variations automatically
  • Relative mode to remove test lead resistance from low ohms measurements
  • Also available as 83V average responding multimeter

Clamp Meters

Fluke 370 Series Clamp Meters

  • FLUKE-373 True-rms Wireless AC Clamp Meter
  • FLUKE-374 FC True-rms Wireless AC/DC Clamp Meter
  • FLUKE-375 FC True-rms Wireless AC/DC Clamp Meter
  • FLUKE-376 FC True-rms Wireless AC/DC Clamp Meter with iFlex

Bench Multimeters

Fluke 8846A, 8845A and 8808A Precision Bench Multimeters

The Fluke 8846A/8845A 6.5 Digit Precision Multimeters measure volts, ohms and amps. Basic V dc accuracy of up to 0.0024 %, 10 A current range, and a wide ohms range give you an unbeatable combination of measurement capability.

Extend the meters utility even more with their graphical display modes, including Trendplot paperless recorder mode, statistics and histograms—features you won’t find on other multimeters.

  • 6.5 digit resolution
    Up to 0.0024 % accuracy
  • Graphical analysis modes: TrendPlot,
  • Histogram, and Statistics
  • Dual measurement inputs: front/rear
  • Wide measurement ranges
  • IEEE, LAN, RS-232 interfaces
  • USB memory device port (8846A)
  • TL2X4 wire measurement technique

Distance Meters

Fluke 424D, 419D and 414D Laser Distance Meters Measure farther, with greater accuracy in more situations.

The Fluke family of laser distance meters are essential tools in the tool bag. They provide, instant and accurate measurements up to } 1 mm with no scales to interpret or misread. Just point, click, done. The 424D has an inclination sensor that helps with leveling, height tracking and, measuring around obstacles. Find area and volume, easily add and subtract distances and calculate height. Easily measure hard-to-access areas without climbing a ladder and without the need for a helper.

Models: Fluke 424D, 419D, 414D. Maximum measurement distance 100 m (330 ft), 80 m (260 ft), 50 m (165 ft).

Insulation Testers

Power Quality and Energy Tools

Infrared Tools

Visual IR Thermometers